Reverse shift pattern (Gp shift) on the wr450F '12?

Ive been roadracing many years, and cannot get rid of the revertse shift pattern habbit.
does anyone know how i can reverse the shift pattern on the new 450?

Looks like i need to find a new shift lever thats build for the purpose, but i havent found anything-



You will probably have to fabricate one yourself, as I've never heard of one being available.

Just ride more

I had the same problem with right side shift (back in 1973 !!!) and it took about 5 long rides in the desert to get the old habits out of my head.

Even if you could do it, you don't want GP shift for a dirt bike. There's a reason lots of people (pros alike) use GP shifting for roadracing (it works) just like there's a reason nobody (and no pros, period) use GP shifting on dirt bikes... it doesn't work. I used to road race and ride sport bikes for years, all with GP shift, even my street bikes. And during that time, I've had dual sport, supermoto, and dirt bikes, all with standard shift. I could jump off my sport bike and jump on my SM and never really think about it, and never miss a shift. And no, I'm not special, it just takes some seat time. I have plenty of buddies that all did the same thing. For me, sport bike = GP shift, anything dirt = standard shift. You just get used to it.


Picture going up a big hill gnarly hill climb, you're losing speed and need to grab a downshift NOW. Good luck trying to get your boot off the peg and under the shifter to downshift. When and where you shift a dirt bike is very different from when and where you shift a sport bike. The benefits of GP shift for a sport bike are completely lost on dirt bikes, in fact it's a liability.


I'm guessing it took you a while to get used to GP shifting, but now you don't even think about it. Same deal with shifting your dirt bike standard. You may have to think about it a lot at first, but you'll get used to it and then it will just be no big deal.

Good points! guess i just have to ride more :)

Gp shifting is that way so you can up shift while the bike is leaned too far over to get your toe under the shifter.

I "cut my teeth", as it were, on Japanese bikes with a left side, one down/three up pattern, but after a couple of years, I started working at British bike shop that worked on everything except Harleys (he hated them).  That meant that I had to ride bikes that shifted on either side, and that had every shift pattern you could name.  After a couple more years, I could hop on almost anything and never even think about which way to shift or brake.  It was a little like the Matrix;  you know, "Load the Norton 750 program". :smirk:

The early Kawasaki's with neutral at the bottom were the worst.


Come out of a corner in neutral instead of 1rst sucked.

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