does the 450 headpipe fit an 01 426?

are all the head pipes interchangeable from the yz450's and the wr 426,wr 450's onto an 01 yz 426? do they all perform the same? or is the wr series detuned?I want to mate up just the head pipe to a Yz can and intermediate pipe. do any other brands mate up to stock system? thanks Jeff.

by the way I need a head pipe for a cust lol. cheap is good 50.00 isnt cheap.he doesnt want one with bad bend in the pipe.(someone offered me a real cheap one with good bend in it. thanks but he wanted to wait )

Yes. We put a head pipe off a 01 YZF426 and put it on a 03 WR450. It works great. My bro-in-law pretzel'd the titanium header and a $25 stainless was cheaper than the $245 titanium one. :)

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