03 YZ426???????????

Has anyone heard anything about the 03 YZF's??? If there going to go on a diet? Get rid of the compression release lever and go to an auto compression release??? I know most of us on here dont have a problem with starting our bikes, even when there hot( thanks to the Dr.D hot start mount, the thing is awesome. But I bet everyone would like a lighter bike. Let me know cuz the CRF450 is a very tempting bike

In the Feb. 2002 issue of Dirt Rider, they wrote and article speculating on a possible 2003 YZ450F, which would go on a diet. Things such as going to a uni-cam, wet sump oil system, and do many other small things to reduce weight. I don't know how possible this bike would be to come out in '03, but when it does, i bet it'll rip!!

Hey Josh

tell me about your motor mods man

Originally posted by jamiel_54:

Things such as going to a uni-cam, wet sump oil system

I can't forsee Yamaha going to a wet sump engine. They have to produce for the masses and a wet sump requires much more maintenance. I just don't think this would work for the average guy.

Weight savings would be a good thing.


well, for starters any frog knows that it will be a 450 and not a 426. duh, like honda has one now. blue will jump up to the FIM cc limit like all the other brands will be. of course, orange has to determine to either downsize or upsize theirs.

weight can be shed just the same way that red did on the cr250 and crf (ie little bolts and no washers, thin plastics).

internally, we'll probably see dual oil chambers like all the others have, but still 5 valve and the like. auto decomp is a must now. it will have it.

for the frame, i don't see any big changes. no, it won't be aluminum. they might go back to the old days and make it chrome moly instead of steel.

the REAL question is not if, but WHEN?

red and orange are selling a lot of bikes on the ease of start issue alone. maybe blue is gonna pull a fast one and come out with the yz450f sooner than the typical october dates. or not.

I've seen weight comparison claims between the '02 YZ426F and the '02 CRF450R. It was stated that the engines on both bikes were within 1 lb of each other and when they weighed the frames they were also within 1 lb of each other! Makes it seem unlikely that Yamaha would dive off into the Aluminum frame venture just yet... although the new Warrior road bike uses an Aluminum frame which I believe is their first!

The secret to shedding some 20 pounds may lie in the ability to whittle away material on the rest of the bike. I just hope Yamaha takes notes on the downsides to weight savings (thin airbox plastics on CRs, boiling rear brake reservoir on CRFs) and concentrates their efforts where there is definite bang for the buck with little downside for the rider. Linkless suspension, incorporating hoses into engine case (saved KTM 2 lbs), lighter hubs and swingarm are definitely places to start. Personally I think we'll get an '02 with 450cc displacement and BNG (bold new graphics).


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