2012+ WR450 Headlight upgrade questions.

Hi all looking to upgrade my WR's headlight to one of these, http://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/3600-Lumen-H4-H6M-LED-Headlight-bulb-_p_83.html  Question is will I need the rectifier? I am told the WR's headlight is a/c however when stop or stall the bike the headlight remains on ? would that mean the headlight works on dc once the bike is stopped ?

Can someone shed some light on this topic ( pun not intended ) ?

They changed it in 12.  All the stator output gets converted to DC.  That looks cool.  I don't ride much at night but I think I want one.

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That's interesting , does that mean that Any HID light will work also ?

I put an 80/100 W H4 bulb in mine and it works pretty good

Battery charges fine

$8.00 for the bulb

After 2012 electrical converts to DC(that's good to know).

How much extra amperage is available, I see a larger bulb may work with stock stator, but what about any accessories?

I put in a Ricky Stator HID bulb and ballast that all fits in the stock location.  Very very bright.


It's about $125, and you have to call and ask for it, as it is not listed on their website.

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