Triple Clamp recommendations

I have used the Applied Tripleclamp setup with good luck. I am currently running the Scott's Setup for the steering damper. But before I started using the damper I loved it because it has a forward setting that allowed my to move my handlebars about 1 inch forward. Opened up the Cockpit nicely.

Anyone have any recommendations on aftermarket Triple clamps for oversize bars? The last two crashes (and bent 7/8" bars) have tempted me to bite the bullet and purchase the aftermarket clamps and 1 1/8" bars. I'm looking at Applied and/or Pro-Taper unless someone has some totally negative feedback on these units.

Here is my post from another topic, but it applies here. I love this triple clamp:

I'm 6'2" and 215lbs. and have an '01. I put on the Oberg Sports triple clamp which has five different positions - 5mm aft, stock,5mm forward, 10mm forward, 15mm forward. Of course, I run 15 forward which puts the bars over the top of the forks. I have the stock (oversize) mounts, but Oberg makes taller mounts and I think when you order the taller mounts the also send the stock.

This is a very trick piece of equipment. I ordered through Moto Sport Outlet and they have package deals on Clamp/Bars. I went with the Renthal Fat Bar, CR High bend. One item of note, I spoke with someone from Oberg when I was researching this clamp and I was told that the mounting angle of the Yamaha clamp was something like 27 degrees. This is significant because as you move the mount forward you get some additional rise. The forward-most position is 9mm taller than aft. You can check the triple clamp out at:

Oberg Sports

Sorry, I screwed something up on the Oberg link, here it is:

Oberg Sports

i have azonics tripleclamp with azonics doublecross bars[cr hibends].triple clamp is similar to scotts 5mm or 12mm forward 10mm taller. doulblecross bars speak for themselves.if you crash hard enough to bend them you probably wont care youll be in so much pain.renthals new tripleclamp is pretty awesome

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