Tire selection!

Hey just wanted to get y'all's opinion on the issue I have!

About three weeks ago I put on a new maxxis cross rear tire on my YZ450F, and I have only ridden about 3 times since then about 4 to 5 hours each time, and it's already 50% gone!! I rode one time in a lot of rocks but I still couldn't believe how fast it wore!!! I ride pretty hard everywhere I go so I always spinning!! What I'm wondering is there a better tire that will last longer?

Thanks for the info!!

If it's the intermediate, I ran that on my 250 2T and got plenty of life out of it. It may have been the rocky area if you were spinning the wheel on the rocks.

I'm not sure that any tire will last very long on a 450 unless you're smooth with the throttle

Try the Dunlop mx71 bro

I'll do that bro!! Just a few hours we can go ride!!! Lol see ya bro

tubliss +  at81, sedona 907hp

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