Boyssen Flexgrip

Has anyone bought and used this for armpump? Does it work?

E-rider has them

I have used one since 1999. It is great to reduce bilters. It also helps in the whoops. I don't think it really reduces arm pump. But, it gives your left arm some suyspention.

what is it?is there a web site?

Heh...I get arm pump ONLY in my right arm....already has a "flex-grip"! Any ideas why only that one?? I never got any arm pump with my old KX250.

Wouldn't the boyesen grip give you slightly less bar "feel" and slightly less control though? As it is, you have one firmly planted grip at least to hold onto...with a flexgrip though, I would think having 2 floating grips would sacrifice control? :)

Arm pump can be fixed for free--relax and loosen your death grip on the bars!

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