Carb help

Just bought an '05, super excited about this bike, and this site. Ive already learned a ton. My bike (third owner) has had the airbox opened up, has absolultly no bog and runs great, except starting and idle. The PO stated that it was really cold blooded, but it starts fine. When started cold it will fire with choke and 3-4 cranks, and will idle, but after 3-4 minutes starts pissing fuel out of the carb drain hose. After bike is hot, won't idle well at all, and wont start without pulling the choke out. Im sure the float needs some attention, is probably sticking, but Im a total carb noob, and dont know where to start. Once upon a time, I pulled the carb on my old XT, dissasembled, cleaned reassembled, bike never ran again. (until it went to the shop).

Pull the carb and do a full service, proper jetting

Thanks for the link. Is it a good idea to have a rebuild kit on hand? Where can I find some info on which jets I should be running? I tries clicking on the sticky above, but it takes me to another part of the forum.

PM sent

Thanks one track. Pm sent.

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