Starting techniques for XR600R?

I know how to start it just fine, but sometimes it can be so stubborn that it will bring a man to his knees I just want to develop a method and just hear the methods you guys use. Thanks. :)

XR600's are easy to start AFTER you figure out the procedure. If you don't know that procedure, you'll hate the bike. Here is the procedure I use to start my trail whale...

1) Turn on the choke

2) Turn up the idle

3) Twist the throttle about half way and hold it there

4) Charge the cylinder with air/fuel by turning the motor over with the kickstarter slowly about 10 times.

5) Let the throttle go - no throttle

6) Find TDC

7) No give it a big solid KICK with ALL your might!

It should start on the first, second, or third big kick. I can usually start it in one big kick, even on a freezing cold morning with this procedure.


Ride on.

I do the same except no number 3. Starts easy hot unless I've dropped it (that's when gravity really sucks :)). Then I give a few kicks when the decomp pulled in, find TDC and give it the mega-boot.

Use a 4 wheeler to pull it! :) I had an 89 xr600 and it was hard as hell to kick.

My technique is a bit different. I used to have to jump up in the air to get mine turned over, then I started using the compression release to get the cylinder just past TDC, or even halfway through TDC. Then a healthy kick, sans the sweat. Now I can start it in sandals.

The best technique by far is the MARK technique. My riding buddy, who's name is Mark, hops on and starts it for me. (It's that or CPR, and he likes to ride a lot, so go figure)

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