Newer YZ wheels on older YZ's

Here's a tip for you....I bought a set of TUSK IMPACT wheels for my 2007 YZ450f. They are the same exact set that they sell for 2009-present YZ450f's. Tusk provides 2 sets of spacers with the wheels,one for older YZ's,and one for newer YZ's. Tusk now also sells the spacers seperately for $9.99. You can simply buy the proper spacer for your year YZ or WR,four stroke or two stroke,going back to around the year 1999,and use that beautiful newer YZ wheel you bought for 50 bucks, on your older bike.   An extra bit of info....When I order new bearings and seals for my new TUSK wheels,I have to order the 09-present for them to fit. The only downside to any of this is that there is no plastic seal-cover for the rear wheel,so they end up looking just like the front wheel seals....unprotected.Anybody have any ideas on a seal cover?002.JPG

What do they use to adapt the 25mm rear axle bearings of the '09 rear wheel to the 22mm '07 axle?

The spacers have a wider diameter on the outside to properly fit into the larger bearings,but the opening diameter is 22mm (thicker walls and a smaller hole) to fit the smaller axle.The spacers,particularly the sprocket side,are also longer(deeper into the hub) to give the 22mm axle more support.

Oh, yes, that's right.  I forgot that all of Tusk's whell bearings are bigger than the OEM bearings the original bike ran.  They sleeve them down to the true axle size. 

009.JPGHere's a couple of photos.010.JPG Upper left is 2010 stock YZ450 spacer.Bottom left is stock 2007 YZ450 spacer.Upper right is Tusk brake side spacer.Bottom right is Tusk sprocket side spacer.This spacer will work on 99-14 YZ125,99-14 YZ250,03-08 YZ250f,and 03-08 YZ450f.I think the 426's too.You can check on Rocky Mountain ATV's website to double check the exact years.

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Same as my Factory Effex wheel set. Supplied with extra spacers so that it can fit all YZ big bikes up to 2013. 


Doesn't help for the front axle on my 2014 YZ250F. I don't have a way to install the pre-2014 f wheel on my '14 bike due to the different axle dia.

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