new tire = new bike

Thanks everyone for the tips for the front tire. I tried it out yesterday and wow what a difference! The biggest difference is when the bike is leaned over, it no longer feels like it's on ice skates! It even took me about 30 min to adjust to the difference, but now I feel like I can carry 2x the corner speed in most corners!

Question: Is there as big a difference when changing the back from the stock to a D756 or something similar?

Also if anyone wants a free stock front tire with little visible wear, you're welcome to mine. You pay the shipping and the tire is all yours.

Hey I second that! I also just put D756 tires front and rear. I have much more confidence in the bike which translates into faster cornering.

I've been riding at a track with very soft dirt in the corners. Yesterday it turned into hardpack in at least one sweeper. These tires do get slippery there. The difference everywhere else more than makes up for it.

About the rear - with the exception of hardpack, the 756 hooks up better. There is less "skating" from side to side in softer dirt. For me though, it was not nearly as big of a difference as the front.


Steve T

sirthump, you will be all smiles once you change the rear. Im actually running s-12's, which are awesome, they work very well at thundercross, but they dont cross over to the harder stuff as well as the 756.

The 756 rear is a great tire. As said above, it does not hook up real well on hardpack but it does everywhere else!!!

If you're going to put one on the rear, be ready to hang on when you crack the throttle open.


It's all yours. Email me at and let me know where to send it and if it arrives in one piece you can send me a check or money order to reimburse me for the shipping. Deal? :)

This is great. I just changed my tires (now that I could afford it) to the 756s (my tire of choice in the winter) and it took me 20 minutes to get use to the feeling. I LOVE IT

Hey SirThumpalot;

I would pay to have your D739 front, tell me what you need me to do. I'll send you a money order, or I have a paypal account. Is the tire still for "givaway"?? :)

Let me know dude, it would be most appreciated.


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