Fastway Evolution III from Honda 450 to YZ450F 2014

Hello, I just bought a Yz 450 F 2014 and need to know if the Fastway Evolution III footpegs from my old 450 Crf would work on the new bike. 


BTW, the bike is awesome, especially for big guys,


Thank you very much

I wouldn't expect that to work, no.

The good news though is that the stock Yamaha pegs are just about as good as any aftermarket peg you can buy. Sell the Fastways on Ebay. You won't miss them.

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The transplant worked just fine,just neded a set of washer to take up the slack, but in The end it was not needed and i ended up going back to stocks pegs

Yes the footpegs on my yz450 are quite good compared to hondas; but I already have a pair of fastways that do an awesome job in muddy conditions....I am going to give it a try and will report back. Thanks!

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