stock suspension vs. revalved?

After much fiddling, I finally got my stock front suspension dialed in for my riding level (beginner/novice) and local track. I've changed the oil (enzo 01), raised the height (115 mm), increased rebound damping (7 clicks), etc. I've been much more confident off jumps, etc. and was very satisfied with the performance.

Well, I rode a fellow TTers bike yesterday who had his suspension (front and rear) done at a local shop (JM Racing). He and I are close in weight/ability.

Wow! What a difference. His soaks up the small stuff MUCH better. And it's stiffer off jumps! I guess the right explanation is plush but firm...

I really couldn't believe how much better it felt. I know I would be much faster with his suspension.

I'm going to raise the height another 10mm and see how that feels (while I save for a suspension job!).



Save your money quickly!!! At our skill levels these bikes have all the engine we can handle. The obvious choice for us is suspension updates. That by itself will make you faster.



As you have found by riding your friends bike, the magic is in the valving. Setting clickers and oil levels will only take you so far.

If you have riden someone's bike and found their suspension to be far better, you'll want to duplicate that work.

You can either get the valving info from the shop that did the work (yea...right) or just pay the fine and have them do it for you.

As for Ernie's reply on this matter, he couldn't be more right. Good wisdom.


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