LED head/tail light with integrated turn signals. Whats best setup?

Hey Guys-


I'm mulling over all the dual sport kits for my 2012 WR 450. All have their ups and downs, but ultimately I would like the most minimal look. I've seen a tail light from bikemonkey with signals, but haven't heard any other reviews. Does anybody have head/tail lights with integrated signals? Thanks for the help in advance, Ride on!!

There's an integrated turn signal board for the edge 2 taillight.  http://shop.12oclocklabs.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=49  The license plate bracket is too small though, I cut a rectangle out of aluminum and drilled some holes in it.  You could get this http://sicassracing.com/store/products/tail_lights/led_tail_lights/yamaha/07-10_wr_easy_fit_under_fender?cPath=105_41_42& but it's like 30 bucks more than a regular edge 2.  Or maybe like 20 bucks.  Maybe it's not too bad of a deal.  I dunno.

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For a WR450 Its not going to fall out of the sky for you, twist two wires together and done.

It will involve SOME work.


That said, Baja designs in my opinion is THE way to go

Their documentation to put the kit in and the support....any issues just call them

ALso, they have been around for a while and when you need a part 5 yrs from now they should still be in business

Baja Designs sells some quality products.  I don't think they have a taillight with integrated turn signals though.  Wiring up turn signals, brake lights, and a horn isn't rocket surgery.

I am also looking to add at dual sport kit to my 2012 WR 450. The Baja kit looks ok, but is a pretty penny to pay, especially when you have to convert it to Canadian like I do. What I don't like about the Baja kit is that it doesn't come standard with LED turn signals. Instead you get this big ones that are bound to get knocked off on the trail. All said and done Baja looks like the most comprehensive kit but is going to run the most money. Just my 2 cents

I installed the Tusk kit this summer on my 04 WR and took it to Colorado for a 10 day off road trip, no issues what so ever. The kit has everything you need, installation was a snap. You have the option of adding the hand guards with LED turn signals to the kit, I went with mini LED's.


I've read a few statements about the Tusk kit low quality, have not experienced that, make sure you do a good installation, harness routing, etc...and ride on.


Good Luck on your selection.



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