Clicking sound on hard throttle?

Hi guys! I just bought a 05 WR450F, and this forum has been great so far... a few things to do on it - grey wire, airbox, jet etc. All the info on here has been great!


But I've got a problem - on hard throttle (as in WOT) I hear like a clicking or ticking sound that sounds like its coming from the engine, or maybe the header area. Its kind hard to figure out where because I cant but my head right next to it on WOT! Does anyone know what this is? I think I also get it on WOT when in low revs - so hard torque? Could it be related to that?


I've also got a problem where the engine dies like the idle is too low - but only when hot and closed throttle and at a standstill - so no engine braking. I've done some searches and I'm going to clean the carb and replace the pilot jet. Hopefully that fixes it!


Any clues on the clicking/ticking sound? I couldn't find anything on it.


Are you hearing "chain slap" on the swingarm?

Unsure. Since that post I've installed a full FMF system and redone the jetting with a JD kit. I cant hear it anymore... either because the exhaust is now too loud to hear it or the problem is gone. I was afraid it might've been valves or something?

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