low oil level

hi.i am owner of wr450 2003 in last few days i have see that my oil level is at the middle of the dipstick.the oil was at the maximum when i made the oil change. i changed the oil about 100 kms ago and as i can see 30-40 ml of oil is missing.there is not any leak or white blue smoke at rev or idle.can you help me?is it usuall?thanks in advance.

How about the bottom bolt on the oil filter cover. That bolt can strip, causing the filter cover to slightly leak. One thing you can check, also check under the motor/frame. Take off belly pan,. See if it's clean.

the bottom bolt on the oil filter cover is clean.also the belly pan is clean.there is not any leak from enywhere.any other thoughts?thanks.on the last oil change i dint change the oil filter.

This could be normal as the oil is stored in the frame, as well as the engine. As you refilled it it would read high, until all of those lines and compartments are re-filled with oil which will case a drop in oil level on your dipstick. If it's low, I would refill it and continue to monitor it. If it keeps dropping, you're using oil.

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