WR450 fork height

Need some advice on changing the fork height on my new WR450. I put a 5.6 spring in the rear (I'm 190 lb.), and set the race sag. But when I riding, I feel like the rear suspension is doing more work than the front, and I'm looking to change the fork height to transfer more weight to the front suspension.

Has anyone had similar problems? Am I completely off-track here? Any input is appreciated.

I raised the forks in the triple clamps 15 mm to put more weight on the front end. Turns better. works very well with the 5.8 kg rear spring I have. After that you could try .49 kg front springs and revalve for your style and terrain.

I'm going to start with dropping down the tubes about 3-5mm & see how that goes. I wanted to drop the front end a little, I'm 6ft but still the bike is tall, I'm also wanting to quicken the steering a bit.

I went up a couple clicks of rebound on the back. (I'm currently about 215lbs.)& I'm looking into bumping my preload a little to balance it out.

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