2015 First impressions

Picked this thing up and took it out to the track shortly after. 

Had the bars and grips changed out which I am glad I did. 


To give an idea of who is riding the bike too: 6'4" 175lb novice riding in Nor Cal mainly (408mx)


Things I noticed after first ride were the increase in power from my '10, the spring rates being too stiff but with softening all the adjustments helping significantly, the mass of the bike being way more central and easier to flick around, and the mapping being pretty darn aggressive from low to mid. 









What was the otd price? Did you take it home crated or did the dealer do the uncrating? Thanks for sharing your experience with the 15

I also bought some accessories and that bumped the OTD price to 9500.

At 175 before gear you found the springs too stiff? What is your race sag setting?

Probably more that the damping is too stiff. 

I have a 15' YZ450 as well. The suspension will feel very stiff at first when the bike is new. After you get a few hours on it, it will start to feel a lot better. I only have about 6 hours on mine and the suspension already feels much better then it did on the first ride. The engine has perked up quit a bit too. Have fun with your new ride! I have been really impressed with mine so far! It's a really fun bike. Congratulations on your new ride!

Yeah I realize the first 45mins of run time I had on Saturday isn't the best way to feel out the bike. But racetech recommended slower/softer spring rates for front and rear. The sag hasn't been set yet either. Definitely need to do that.

Like my '15 as well. The shock seems a little stiff, even after three rides, but I'm only 6'1" 175 and it's probably not yet broken in. The forks are a good step above the 10-13 models - plush with better bottoming resistance. The motor is stunning - I only went up +1 on the fuel all grids and +1 on the timing first box only. Runs like a 2 stroke mid to top. Now I wish I had more talent because it's not the bike...

I just took mine out and hucked it off some sand dunes for a day. That got everything broke in pretty well. I don't have a tuner yet, I just ordered it last night. I'm excited to get it and do some tuning. I probably won't do a whole lot of remapping. I think the engine is amazing in stock form. But it is a little lean right off the bottom (and probably across the board). Sometimes I have to kick it quit a few times before it fires. But even lean the motor rips! This is the only bike I have bought and not wanted to immediately bolt on a full exhaust system! Other then the fact that the stock muffler is ugly as sin and looks like it weighs about 40 lbs.. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1412107399.120697.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1412107430.820677.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1412107469.687567.jpg




Yes! I love that place. Do you ride there often?

We try to get there a few times a year. Love it for winter time. Usually spend spring break there. We normally ride single track so it is a nice change of pace. Frozen dunes are awesome.

I agree with the stock muffler not looking good but it still makes amazing power and it is still quiet.

We try to get there a few times a year. Love it for winter time. Usually spend spring break there. We normally ride single track so it is a nice change of pace. Frozen dunes are awesome.

That's cool! I kinda do the same thing. I ride lil Naches and surrounding areas in the summer when it's really hot down there. Then migrate down to the dunes in the fall and winter. I love the fact that you can ride there pretty much year round.

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