2 yz400f's For Sale

I have a 99 and 98 400 for sale. The 98 is all stock with brand new 756 dunlops $2600 OBO. The 99 has full WB exhaust and stock, new dunlops 755/756,Applied clamp, answer pro tapers, new plastic and graphics, C fiber skid plate $3700 OBO Both bikes are in perfect shape and run great. Will consider trade for 250f. E mail jimcandy@hotmail.com for more details. I am in WA state (Spokane)

I take both for fiddy cent. Nonayno my brotha.

have money, need bike, send pics

Originally posted by cwisa:

I take both for fiddy cent. Nonayno my brotha.


by looking at your profile (30 y/o student?) and your previous post, you are starting to sound like a guy that was kicked off of the other sides, both red and blue..Just wondering...


I say wha day tah my day me........

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