2002 yz426 oil leak?

I just went to make my first valve adjustment,and once I removed the "straight plug" on the magneto cover oil began do run out. This is my first 426 and the dealer is closed. I am near the end of my 30-day warranty and beginning to freak out!!!!

Is this normal?

Don't worry about the oil leak. If you didn't have oil come out of there, then you would be in trouble. These bikes have a wet magneto. How did the rest of the valve check go? Were they in specs? How many hours were on the bike?


99 YZ400

Indeed there is oil back there behind the plug, but I don't remember any actually running out of mine when I removed it. I did not check to see how much oil was still in the frame. Will the oil actually run out of this hole if it's all drained from the frame into the cases?

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