'01 426 aftermarket muffler and/or header

Hey guys, need help. Got an '01 YZ426 that wants a little more power and a little less weight. Who is running what combos and what power characteristics are you getting. My unit is mainly track riding/racing and I am a svelte 190 lbs. Thanks. I am not too concerned about sound levels, but let me know any extremes you've experienced. Thanks all.

I used the search funtion and picked out the following two threads that may be of help. One is about a number of pipes, the other about the Thunderalley pipe.

Click here

and here. Looks like the Thunderalley pipe gets the thumbs up!

If you are not familiar with the search function it is at the top right of the board, near the new topic button. You will find it very useful.


Steve T

I run a FMF Power Core with the Power bomb header. Pulls a little harder right off idle thru the upper mid range. Sounds great and is a lillte louder. Definetly do the BK mod with this pipe and you won't be disappointed!

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