strip down

hi guys i have just striped the head off my bike to put in a new piston kit. i noticed between the crank case and the barrel is a hole where coolant flows through and a dowel.

is there meant to be a rubber o ring around this dowel? i pulled off a lot of instant gasket and it looks like they should be a o ring there but i can't find it on any parts diagrams?





Judging by the looks of the case (because you failed to specify :naughty: ), that's an '06-'09 model, in which case, no, no O-ring at the cylinder base.

sorry grayracer mines a 2003 model thats just an image off the net to show the location.

That's different.  The '03-'05 calls for dowel number 5BE-12564-00-00, and O-ring number 93210-19758-00 (illustrated with the water pump in the catalog, and the same parts as used between the crankcase and right side cover).  Anytime an O-ring is used over a dowel like that there will be a machined recess to accept the ring.  If there isn't one (as in the picture you posted), one is not used.

ah brilliant thanks a lot grayracer that explains why i couldn't find it if its in the water pump section lol yea theres a little recess for it but i was confused as i thought it would be on the crankcase or cylinder diagram.

Well, yes, but that would have been intuitive [/sarcasm]

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