426 top end SMASHED full engine rebuild help

Hi again guys I've now fully stripped down my engine and am currently rebuilding bottom end but have come across another bargain offer of a cylinder for 00 yz426f as my old 1 is now a paperweight but my bike is 02 will it fit is there any difference at all?

Ive replaced full valve kit wit OEM Yamaha ss full kit includes springs seals lifters from 00 model thanks to you guys and greyracer as always a bank of info always helpful. Can any 1 give me specs for 426f barrel the 1 I'm looking at is described as 91.88mm needs replate does that sound right?

Just what is measurable on my smashed barrel it measures 97.04mm. Can sum 1 help

The '00 cylinder is for a 400, not a 426, assuming the bore is quoted correctly.  A 400 is 92x60.1, while a 426 is 95x60.1.  If yours measures 97, it was a 3mm overbore kit (444cc).

Hi thanks for the info greyracer I thought that was the measurements so now have to wait as new son will stretch finances for a while.

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