Yz426 with 03 yz450 sleeve and head. Possible?

Yz426 yz450 bigbore bolton 03yz450 stroker

Is there a question?

Ok.... Is it possible to put the sleeve and head off of a 03yz450. Onto the yz426 motor. For big bore swap with no machining needed. And what timing chain to use

As I understand it, it's possible to adapt the gen1 450 cylinder and head onto a 426, but the bore is the same 95mm that the 426 is already, so even after all that work and expense, it won't be any bigger than it is now.

Is the stroke longer on a 450 than the 426??? Could that be a power advantage. Leaving the 426 lowerend and putting the 450 top end and piston n rod.

...would do nothing.  The radial distance between the crank shaft and crank pin (where the rod goes) is what controls the stroke, not the rod length.  And no, a 450 crank will NOT fit a 426.

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