Has anyone used Trelleborgs on there bikes? Any opinions? They are a lot of money but the other option here in michigan during the winter is to not ride.

They have a great reputation for studded winter tires. I have never tried the studs. I have used the Tenmaster Red rear 120/90-18 and the MaxiGrip red front 80/100-21. I had to use something other than the S-12's due to availablity issues last fall. I can say that these tires are good in soft and medium conditions. The knobs are extra tall. The red stripe have heavy side walls and they are not quite as good as the the S12's in the soft terrain or deep sand. The knobs last pretty well and do not chunk. The front is OK but does not inspire you like the S12 to go in fast into a quick turn. Overall a great set of tires. I did Moab on them and had no issues with slick rock and other difficult trails. I got mine from They are good guys. :) However S12's still rule for Michigan! :D

Good for mud and snow of less than a foot. They bite real well $185 front ED11 100 x 100 and a rear $215 Vrubber 110 x 100 tire. We use them almost exclusively in mud only for winter riding. A big increase in safety for running over wet slippy wood at an angle, and the ability to climb ruts to change lines or hug the vertical side of a hole. Most rubber tires won't do it in clay conditions.

Winterstuds web page

WOW :) 400 bucks + for a set of tires???

Last time I wine about paying 80-90 per tire to ride here in Calif.....

You can run them for 3 seasons. They use a desert tire and the studs do all the work in the mud.

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