04 WR450 wheel bearings

Pulled the wheels off and the front was completely dry and had OLD, black/sticky/dry grease in there. I have no idea if the previous owner serviced them in a while. They rolled a little harsh as well. Non OEM Pivot Works rears appeared to have fresh grease and rolled smoothly. But, I think I will just replace them all to be safe. Couple questions:


1) Any recommended brand? All Balls seems popular and $50 for all 4 + seals.


2) Is there a DIY for this model bike for replacing or are they the same as anything else. I noticed on the front rotor side and both sides of the rear that there are black rubber seals that dont want to budge. Dont want to tear them up to get them out, although I suspect the new kit will have replacements. Just want to make sure since i am new to dirt bike bearings.




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