Bike Randomly Stalls - any ideas?

I didn't realize the ThumperTalk Forum was so active. Looks like I found yet another place on the Internet to spend some time - which I don't seem to ever have.

It's Saturday morning and instead of riding I'm typing! I'm by no means an engine guru and would greatly appreciate anyone with some ideas on what I need to do about my bike stalling. I wish I could be more specific about when it occurs, but I can't. What I CAN say is that once it stalls it WILL NOT START for at least 15 minutes. Sounds like its flooding and I suspect a stuck float; but, before I dig into the carb, I'm hoping someone will say it's a clogged fuel filter or something.

Thanks for you help in advance!

Hard to say really without more info. If it acts like it is flooding I would check out the carb. Could be electrical though. You could have a coil that is is seperating when it heats up then as it cools and contracts it would produce spark again.

Like I said need more info. How often does it do this? Is it a quick shutdown or does it start to sputter and cough? Is there water in the tank? Could be water gettin into a jet and killing it.

Hey. Thanks for the quick response. I think you may be onto to something regarding the coil. I recently installed an eline dual sport kit. The problem did not occure prior to the eline kit install. As for how it stalls, it seems like the spark plug isn't firing and the engine stops. No hesitation, no spudduring, just stops. I guess the next step would be to check the wiring in the hot areas?

Its a 650 and chances are if there are problems it because of work that was done on the bike, keep it stock will run forever then some, mess with engine electrical ect.. taking a chance probally was done when you wired in the e line system for sure.

Ideally you would want to do the test as soon as the bike stalls before it starts to cool down. I would sart at the pickup coil (pulser coil) and work my way out from there. don't forget to test the plug cap as well, allthough unlikely you never know. If you can test the bike at room temperature write down down the results. Then start the bike go till it dies and test again. Compare your results.

if float stuk it will piss all over from vent .

if u suspct fuel lean it over and look for fuel wizzin.

check cap vent may hv suckage.

pull plug and see if u got spark?

unplug kill switch.

be a pitbbull..

could be jetting and when hot aint happy.

just stopped in from drz forum. ill swap ya

Thanks to everyone for posting their comments and/or ideas. A week or so after the post, I discovered what the problem actually was. Turns out, a newly installed IMS fuel tank did not come with a pre-drilled hole in the vent at the top of the tank. Guess I should have stuck to the basics to figure this one out:) Lesson learned: One upgrade at a time. My disclosure comes with the expense of potential ribbing; but, if someone else happens along this post with the same problem, at least they'll know my fix:)

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