06-09 YZ450f electric fan installation?

Any ideas?

...about mounting them, or powering them? 


There is NO surplus electricity to do anything with on the '03-'09 YZ450; zero.  The stators are smaller than the gas cap, and intended only to operate the ignition.  But, you can run small DC computer chassis fans off a single 9V for up to 2 hours straight.  Put a switch in so you can leave them off until they matter, and you'll be set.

Yes   however when waiting after freinds, I tend to not stop the engin since it's a @@@#$% to restart when very hot


I did it with my YZ426


http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1106562-computer-fan-on-dirtbike/Should not overheat, run blue ice and never let idle for more than a couple of minutes never have had  a problem. Even with smashed radiators. Maybe you have a different problem, if you really want to put in high flow water pump in..


I would check the valves, If they are right it should start in one kick ares all do 06-09 yzs

I have ridden my bike slow.. alot. Hit single track at low speed. Spent a lot of time on the clutch before I got it geared lower and heavy flywheel installed. Stock motor with engine ice and have never experienced the need for a fan.

Same here went out with a friend who was on a bayou 250 he was creeping if I went any slower I would have tipped over while I did feel my legs getting a little warm it didn't boil over. After that I don't see a need to even bother with a fan. Mine is 2012 by the way not sure if that makes a difference.

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