`94 XR600R Plastic help

I recently purchased a `94 XR600R that runs great, but is in need of a bit of cosmetic attention. I would like to replace all of the original plastic with new stuff, but I am having a bit of trouble finding it. I either want red or Black fenders. The side panels can be white, red, or black (I have only been able to find white online). I would also like to find a new tank (stock or oversized) in red, white or Black.

I have read that the XR600 front fender is interchangable with all 250 or larger CR / XR bikes from `90 - `00 or so. Is the rear fender interchangable with any other model? I have only been able to find a UFO Enduro rear fender for the XR600 new & I do not like the added taillight. I like the stock fender & the aftermarket MX fenders better.

I am willing to buy used if any of you guys happen to have any of these parts available in god condition.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



There are some decent pics of the various brands and styles of fenders available at the XR's Only website, Baja Designs and maybe four strokes only(?). As I recall, Cemoto makes some fenders with no lights. Hope this helps

You can get stock size or desert size tanks from Clarke Mfg. in Florida, they are on line. Price is around $200. They come in various colors.

For the other OEM plastic try www.bikebandit.com

Best deals are on eBay

Thanks for the help. I have ordered new plastic from my local Honda shop. I ended up ordering plastic for a 2000 model XR600R (the shop guy said that they were the same as the `94). Red front & back fenders (both OEM), and a set of UFO side panels in white.

I am planning to order a new Clarke tank in a week or two.


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