'13 YZ450F questions

I found a left over 13 450 for $4900.  I don't need a 450, but for a brand new bike, that seems like a pretty good deal.  I've had a KTM 450 EXC in the past which is a tamer bike, and while I loved it, it got tiring in the woods on single track.  I won't MX it, I'll do a few hare scrambles, put ice tires on it in the winter and single track woods ride the rest of the time. 


Is this too much bike to do this or can I make it milder?  A bigger tank, what else?

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Well if you are one of those people who likes to use KBB values, which on a new bike may be helpful...Not so much for used stuff because it depends entirely on who owned the bike and how good they were about the maintenance, plus the fact that everyone thinks there bike is in "excellent" condition even when it has clearly been thrashed to death... Off topic a bit sorry lol. It is $300 less than what KBB claims it is worth... I personally don't care for the 10-13 Yamaha's, I've heard that they handle kind of weird/ different, and the fact that you have to remove the gas tank to service your air filter just seems like poor engineering to me? Sooo...yes it seems to be a good deal for the money, but if you dont NEED a 450 im not sure I would personally throw down $4,900 "just cause" it was a good deal, at least not on that particular generation of YZ but to each his own i suppose? $4,900 may be a good deal, but not if you spend $4,900 for a bike you find out that you don't like? Just a thought.

I did the same thing last winter... Had an itch to get a 450, so I scratched it and bought an 07 YZ450F for right at "what book value" was at the time (People thought I was crazy buying a bike in the middle of December) In my case the bike was very clean for the year, excellent bike, a lot of fun to ride vs. my 250f.

Not set on a 450.  Had one, a lot of work riding in the technical stuff.  Would like a KTM 200 to be honest, but few and far between unless I want to pay $7k for a new one.   LOL 

I hear that i WAS cosidering selling my 250f and 450 to buy a new 300 xc-w but i think im over it? Lol.

A 7000 dollar bike you want is a way bettet deal than a 4900 bike that you dont. Althouth the 10-13 yz is a very nice bike if sorted. They get a bad wrap

You can make these much more user friendly. Flywheel weight, bigger tank and get a tuner. The nice thing with the tuner is you can adjust quite a bit how it produces power. My son has a 12 and it is a very nice and balanced bike once he go it dialed in for what we do. 

.... I personally don't care for the 10-13 Yamaha's, I've heard that they handle kind of weird/ different, and the fact that you have to remove the gas tank to service your air filter just seems like poor engineering to me?


You apparently have never ridden one, but you "heard" something and decided you don't like the '10-'13.  That sounds like a credible review.


BTW, the air filter service involves a total of 4 additional, easily accessed bolts compared to earlier models, the "poorly" designed tank simply tips up out of the way, and the whole thing is probably faster and easier than changing out the air filter on an '08 CRF450. 

Your right ive never ridden one. But dispite the fact that you got all offended that i shared my thoughts "credible" or not, im not gonna sit here and start a flame war with someone. Thats not really why whoever started this post started it in the first place? Ive never ridden on so take it for what its worth and also take it for what its worth from the yamaha "fanboy" who gets upset because he probably has one of those bikes and doesnt like ppl questioning his purchase... FOR WHAT ITS WORTH my "source" for my OPINION is my cousin who bought a '10 shiny and new, rode it for 1 season and sold it. Asked him why and he said it handled wierd/different than any other bike. Obviously it wasnt "wierd" in a good way or he would still have it???

I'm actually not the least bit upset, although you seem to be.  Simply pointing out that the basis for your critique is a little, um, weak.

My son and I bought new 2011's in 2012. This will be our third season riding them MX, hare scrambles, and mountain single track. They are very versatile and other than some fuel range issues in the mountains, we have been very happy with our purchase. Never once had a mechanical breakdown. Power is great and since we ride in Colorado, the motor is already tamed due to altitude. Can't say you would be happy, but we sure have.

I don't get the hubbub about the air filter.  You remove the seat just like the old bikes.  Then you have 4 additional bolts that take maybe 1 minute to remove.  After that you have an air filter that is easier to remove/install clean/oil than the old design.  As a bonus it seems to only need servicing about half as often.  I think I spent more time lining up and getting that stupid wingnut started on the old design than to do the entire swap on the new bike.   I consider this an absolute non issue and anyone who complains about it is suspect in their motives to me. 


I think the handling of the bike can be criticized but again nothing that is a deal breaker and can not be fixed.  The first time I rode my 11 I though oh crap what a pile.  I then spent hours dialing it in with spring rates ride height etc.  Took a lot of work to get it where I wanted.  I have a buddy who got a new 14 when they came out.  We both swapped and rode each others all day and the were startlingly similar in the way they handled.  The difference was that his was that way out of the box.  Mine took some set up to get there.  If you are not interested in doing the work to get it set up it may not be the bike for you.  It is by far the most sensitive bike I have ever had in relation to ride height suspension set up for sure.

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