2005 WR450 Jet removal with carb on bike

What is the correcct tool to use to remove the two jets (not the main but the pilot and the other one) with te carb still on the bike and the bowl off?

I use the motion pro 90 degree tool/driver to loosen or tighten and a small piece of tubing to get it started.

There is never a need to remove the other (starter jet) but the motion pro tool would do it.

I think the motion pro tool looks like the way to go and I have ordered one.  I have a similar flat ratchet that fits the 1/4" hex screwdriver bits.  But I don't have any bits that have the smaller diameter end (like the motion pro bits) to fit in the hole where the jet is.  I will stop by the hardware store after work and see if they have some so I can get the bike back together.  Thanks.

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