I was trying to find some news on Tim Ferry. He went over the bars last nite in the semi and was carted off holding his shoulder.

It was a pretty wicked looking endo!

I hope he's ok, maybe just a collarbone?

Also, Ping was leading his heat race and his bike snapped in half landing from one of the triples! Looked like the clamps or steering stem broke. He got up but sat down off the track and was also carted out.

Anyone hear any news on either?

[ January 27, 2002: Message edited by: F-Pilot ]

Quote from RacerX mag on Phoenix SX:

Ferry’s race lasted less than a lap as he hit the ground hard. End result: a severely bruised chest (which saw him coughing up blood in the stadium tunnel) and a ride to the hospital. As of this writing, Ferry was going to be okay but out of a action for a little while.

The award for most terrifying crash of the night goes to David Pingree. While leading his heat race, the KTM/Red Bull rider visibly appeared to be struggling with a big triple jump. After coming up short on the obstacle on more than one occasion, in the waning stages of the heat, he botched it badly, pummeling himself into the backside of the jump. The ensuing impact was terrific, shearing the forks and steering stem off the front of the factory bike. Fortunately, a few minutes later, a wobbly Ping got up (to a standing ovation) and took a place in a mule, which would deliver him back to the pits. Complaining of chest pains, Pingree was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a major chest contusion.

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