xr600 lower oil drain bolt stripped, how do i remove it?

title says it all. i went to give it a fresh oil snf filter change and could only remove the upper oil drain bolt, also i could not undo the allen head bolts holdibg the oil filter cover, they just want to strip out. any ideas? thanks fellas.

Vice grips on the heads ,otherwise sometimes you'll need to cut off the head and once the cover is off you use the vice grip on the bolt shank. Cutting is a last resort and need to be done carefully , very carefully . Put new bolts back in and don't crank them down as tight anymore. They only need around 7-10 in/lbs torque.(for 6mm)  Put a new o-ring in the cover so it seals without needing to be overtorqued.


The main drain bolt in the case, vice grips or a nut welded to it. Get a new magnetic drain plug and sealing washer, torque properly.

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hey thanks alot, i will probably have to get someone to weld a nut on it cause its a tight spot for vice grips but i will give it a try anyways. the previous ownermust have thought he was supernan cause every bolt is over tightened, like i cant even get the front wheel off right now cause the bolts too damn tight and i dont want to strip it also. well thanks and have a great day

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