2013 wr250f pmb insert?

Will the pmb yz spark arrestor endcap fit on my bike??? I want that and the silencer to pull the baffle and keep from getting hassled riding in CA.


The gytr insert will allow you to remove that lil pinky sized baffle insert and keep the stock spark arrestor..it will still keep the sound down also and allow for better performance of the bike without rejetting just maybe a slight fuel screw adjustment...if you want to use the yz silencer with pmb insert you need the yz midpipe also and you will need to 're jet if you use the yz silencer... a lot of wr owners like the fmf Q4 which will need a 're jet...most of us prefer JD jetting kits...

Awesome, thanks, there are a few gytr inserts do you happen to have a link to one?

Thanks for all the help one more dumb question that lets you keep the usfs spark arrestor?


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