LC4e forks

I have a 2002 LC4E thats been sitting in my garage for several years while I've ridden other bikes. One of them was a 2002 400EXC which had the same 43mm forks. I now have a hardon for getting the old girl running again but know she'll need some suspension work.

Although the EXC had the same forks, I believe they had 1 or 2 inches greater travel than those on the LC4E. I loved those 43's - never had any better even though I have now Showa twin chambers on my CRF250X and have had a boatload of MX forks on Kawis.

Been a while since I worked on the 43s. Can anyone tell me how to release full travel on the LC4E's forks?

Also, when they're a little taller, what can I do in the rear to keep the same geometry? Shorter dogbones? Move the forks up in the clamps?

While I'm at it - gonna need heavier fork and shock springs. Anyone have them laying around for that generation forks and shock?


The LC4E's forks can not be easily lengthened.  And, in order to keep the balance with the rear, they shouldn't.  Springs are hard to find as many web sites list the wrong springs for the LC4's.  We have to have ours custom made to fit properly.  But when properly sprung and valved they work amazing.  Contact us if you want to talk about spring options.


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