2013 back shock problem

I bought a used 2013 yz250 from machine racing. Before I boyght the bike the forks were very stiff so they went over them and now theyre perfect for me but the back shock is really loose, my back tire slmetimes hits my back fender. And as im going off the face of a jump my back end of the bike is very low. Ive tightened the preloaded almost all the way would the best thing to do is buy a stiffer spring?

Search for how to set your sag. I run about 105-110. Afterwards, play with your compression and rebound clickers

Low gas and you might have a shot linkage bearing in there IMO

Like Moto278 said, you need to start by setting your race sag then measuring your static sag to see where you are with current spring weight. From what you're describing, it does sound like you have too light of a spring on it now though. If you do need to change it, Race Tech's site will tell you what you should have on it for your weight and riding style.

Why not get Machine to set it up since they have already set up the forks for you? My experience with them is that they are very good at suspension.

OP, what's your weight?

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