Need Tire Advice

Hello, I'm looking for some advice on tires. I'm an all year rider as of this year and am looking for a tire that basically can do it all. I live in Montana where we get a lot of snow so I'd be looking for a tire that I can ride on ice, as well as regular/deep snow. My problem is sometimes the snow melts on the roads/highways and I have to ride on just pavement. Is there a tire I can take both in the mountains to ride on in the snow, but as well as ride safely on pavement, even if it's dry pavement?

I am looking for a studded tire, but if you can't ride safely on studs on the highway when it's potentially dry I'll take whatever non-studded tire that can give me the best results!



Thanks everyone,

Seth :ride:  


Haven't used studs in 40 years, but my opinion DOT nobbies like Pirelli MT21's work fine on pavement and some snow. You need studs for ice but won't work well,if at all on pavement.

Maybe someone more up to date will chime in.


Good desert knobbies with Tek screws in them. After a while the tek screws wear their heads off and act like studs. Tubliss and run low sub 5 psi when it snows. When it gets deep carry snow chains



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