2013 KTM 500exc ran out of gas and now I cant get it started

Hey,  I ran out of gas on todays ride.   I Filled the tank and I cant get it started.  Sure it turns over fine....I suspect air in the lines.   II also think this happens to lots if riders.      Any ideas?    Yes, the bike (2013 500exc) has fuel injection.

Mine did this at the dealer. Turn the key on and let the light go off then turn it off. Do this a few times to prime the pump. If that does not work check your line filter. Sediment may be clogging it

Thanks M_Renken.   Well, the fuel filter was very very clean.  For some reason just unclipping the filter assembly, taking the filter out, and reclipping the fuel line together made it start with 2nd crank.  5-6 min job.     I'll call it an act of God....cause I really did nothing on my end.   I'm free to go riding now on Sunday!   I feared I would be doing yard work instead!

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