Do I have to put a special coolant in my 2005 crf250r or will just regular automotive coolant work?

Regular automotive coolant is fine.

I use Engine Ice in mine, but you can use automotive coolant as long as it's silicate free. Mix it 50\50 with distilled water and you're good to go.  

Engine Ice is auto coolant, the "green" stuff, propylene glycol, like Sierra, etc. There are 2 main types of coolant: EG and PG, either is fine as long as you fully clean out the debris and existing coolant you're free to switch between the two. EG is the usual auto coolant and PG is the eco-friendly type. EG is a better coolant under normal operating conditions but PG can take over temp situations a bit better. So, if your cooling system is normal hot/overheating PG is a safe bet, but for fast-moving bikes that rarely overheat EG is the better choice.

Not sure where you live..........

Coolant ONLY vs anti-freeze - I have to store my bike in a non-heated spot over the winter which may get below freezing so I run maxima (oils etc for everything) Don't add water.

I Don't have to change from a non-anti-freeze type coolant for the winter and well worth the $$$$$.

IMO - the best thing you can do to bike (engine) is to put on an hour meter, log engine hours, use and change regularly the best stuff (fluids) you can afford

With that said, depending on how hard I'm riding and in what temperatures, I usually only do a rad/anti-freeze flush/change once a year or maybe every 2nd year. I usually check coolant (and rad condition) as well as oil level every ride.

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