2003 Xr80r Bogging

So everything was working fine but then i had to leave out of town for 2months and it sat out under a roof but nothing else so it was pretty much outside and then once i got back and tried to ride it wouldn't go full throttle it just bogs down when you get up there i tried sea foam i ran a whole tank of gas through it and now i'm on the second tank it's getting better but it will still not hit full throttle any thing you think i should do would help i don't know much but if you give me a direction i should be able to figure it out 

Take off the carb and give it a good cleaning. Should be pretty straight forward: Disconnect from air box, motor, and remove the slide out of the top.

Just make sure you mark down how many turns in the idle and fuel mixture screw are from lightly seated and set them at the same spot when putting it back together.


When you clean it you will want to make sure you can see light through the jets.

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