GoPro Mounts

Aside from the Ram Mount what are you using to mount your GoPro's to your DRZ.


I tied the stick on mount on the front but it fell off, I had to go back to the helmet mount which I hate for track use.





You should be sportin' one of these.


I'm sure NO ONE would be laughing at you.


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I'm surprised it fell off, the tape that is on those GoPro mounts are serious stuff. I had my GoPro mounted to my chin bar and accidentally dropped it from chest height once, landed on the GoPro, did nothing to the mount, it is still going strong.


Is it possible the area you mounted was dirty? Or maybe you didn't let it sit long enough? I think you are supposed to mount the sticky mounts and then let them sit for like 24 hours or something like that without them supporting anything.

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I pre cleaned the area with alcohol and let it sit overnight.


I put it right above the headlight.


It is such a trip going from foot out back to need dragging on my sport bike at the track. Takes me a lap or two before I readjust.

I have a mount under my rear fender :D


i have one on top of my helmet and on the top of the rear fender facing backwards. but i barely use the one on the bike because i dont ride with anyone else very often..

May not be good for all types of riding but just out on the trails the hubby uses a Chesty fort he go pro... it's made just for them and it does a good job.. and doesn't get hit with trees and everything like on the helmet. He has the side mounts too but likes the Chesty better..

Here's some Helmet view from this past Saturday


Bad asss.

People are big fans of the ScrewUJoint, I dont have any experience with them but would love to get a couple when I finally get a go pro

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