04 WR450 fork extension question

Ive had my front wheel off for a few days and just went out to notice that my right fork is extended to such a distance that the fork guard/shield has come apart. The left side has not extended to the same length. ISeems this would not be normal since if the bike were completely unweighted, it could extend to this length and the guard/shield would come apart.


Is this normal of could I have a fork problem?






It shouldn't go down that far.  Pull the fork off and loosen the top fork cap.  I haven't been in that type of fork for many years, but I think that middle rod screws up into that top cap.  It either loosened up and came off, or something totally broke like the valve stack or the top piece (looks like a pipe with a crown / ring on the top) where the fork spring sits on.

I put the wheel back on before I saw this post. The fork compressed easy enough until normal length and then exhibited more normal stiffness. So, it sounds like I have a problem for sure?????

I think so.. what happens when you are flying through the air and the fork gets locked up on the fork guard or the internals lock.  Not hard to check, just to be on the safe side.  There are a lot of youtube videos.

Thanks. I'll check the videos out for sure.

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