zeta brake lever switch -- did I forget to install this? did it fall off?

I'm talking about the rod that goes down from the actual lever and keeps the button pressed in on the brake light switch. Did it come installed on your levers? I don't remember installing a separate part onto the levers before installation. Maybe it was left over and I threw it away without realizing what it was. Could it have fallen off?


Maybe I can buy just that part from zeta? I could probably fabricate something but it wouldn't look as good.


I don't want to think about how long I've been riding around not having a working brake light.  Without the button at the front brake pressed in the brake light is constantly on.

Yeah , many throw the package away .. With the part .

Yeah , many throw the package away .. With the part .

You know if it's possible to buy them separately? I sent zeta an email but am not hopeful....I'll prolly end up jerry rigging something

Unsure if they sell them separately .

Contact Forrest at Wheeling Cycle.

simple fix- Drill a little hole and thread a little machine screw in. Bam, brake light switch  :thumbsup:

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