Estacada fire news anyone?

Anyone have any news on the fire and if it's hit the logging roads off of Tumula mtn. road? I have yet to hear an exact location of the fire and if it's hit the off-roading areas on Tumula mtn. (goat mtn, squaw, etc.)

I wanna ride tomorrow afternoon, but everyone I know that rides is busy and Estacada is the only place I know well enough to comfortably ride by myself.

Well, I ended up not going out riding today, but I asked my buddy that lives at the top of Tumula mtn. road right before the logging roads start what's up with the area.

Tumula mtn. rd is open and all of the residential evacuations have been lifted. The fire is on the opposite side of the mountain. The logging roads all have the gates closed (usually a few are open). He's not sure about the trails open to the public further up, though. Ladee Flats OHV area is closed.

I'm gonna hold off until we're into the winter and the fire is completely out to go out and check out the damage on the bike.

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