i need a 1987 cr125 power valve spring

the part is #15. It helps work the power valve i need it to ride the bike let me know if you have one I will buy it or a hole parts motor.


Hi, I have a 1987 cr125 just rebuilt it and found that I am missing a spring that works the power valve. If anybody has on let me know would appreciate it thanks. here is a pic  87-89 POWER VALVE CR125.gif its part  #15

Might want to post this in the honda two stroke section, might get more exposure.

I think he put it in the right spot! Maybe someone who had one of these bikes at one time, but now has a different brand still has some parts laying around

I am new to this so any help is appreciated  

I just got the bike rebuilt and found that I am missing the spring that works the power valve if anyone has one let me know. Here is a pic of the part its #15 thanks. 87-89 POWER VALVE CR125.gif

You don't need to post the same thing twice, and did you try searching fleabay?

Damn haha I didn't mean to. Ya I did try that but the part is discontinued I guess I just have to find someone that has one

Looks like all the threads you posted got mashed together so it's all good.

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