2011 TXC stalls - Alot FMF Megabomb Power Commander V

I have a 2011 TXC 511 recently purchased from dealer with already installed FMF mega bomb and FMF silencer, has Power commander V, stock air filter. Love the bike but, if it Didn't have electric start I would be cussing my eyes out. The bike is constantly stalling/flaming out/belching whatever you want to call it.  I have tried different maps, been playing with the one that was loaded when I purchased and have not had much success.  I talked with the dealer once and he suggested turning the brass screw on the throttle body in 1/8" increments one way then the other.  No help. I am not sure where the brass screw should be set at for nominal.  I have read some fellow bikers say 2-1/4 out for the TE but, not seen much on the TXC.  I also would like to try resetting the TPS but have no key switch.  My software says it is at TPS 1 instead of 0 when I hook hop to my laptop.  Driving me nuts, I just want to rip up the dirt not wear out my starter and battery.  Appreciate any advice anyone may have.  The map loaded is a very complicated one compared to some I have seen such as the one on the power commander site and the zipty (sp?) ones. I really think I am just missing something simple.  I don't really think it is the map (but could very well be)

Let me ask this.  What do you all think of these spark plugs with the two contacts for the electrode.  I have not been a big fan of them in the past but, maybe they are okay with the new technology.  Just put in a new NGK CR9 EKB. The one I took out looked pretty good and gap was correct.


I will continue to keep messing with the mapping until I get it running like it should or drive myself crazy trying.  I runs good through the ranges but, will stall randomly sometimes at the top of a hill, or cornering or sometimes while I am just sitting still.  Can't seem to pinpoint it.  If I do get it dialed in I will be sure to post.  Until then, fire away fellow husky fans. 

Thanks, Mike

Get a JD tuner power surge x6 and bag the power commander.

The reason they flame out is the motor is getting flooded. You need to lean out the idle. I assume it happens at idle or just off idle, right? Not sure how the PC works, but the JD x6 allows for +ing or -ing fuel on the fly.

Hi 1Lunger, yes the Pc works the same.What you are saying seems to make sense. I do have a new development. I decided to adjust the brass screws on side of throttle body (screwed in all the way then, back out 2-1/4 turns) took it for a ride and ran exceptional. When I took it in the woods and got it up to temp (198-210 F) it stalled a cpl times but I was lugging it trying to get it to stall. I then, turned it out 1/8 turn more and more improvement. Going on a trip this weeked so going to not touch it for now. I would still like to figure out how to reset TPS. It stays at %2 throttle. I have tried unhooking battery and letting it idle like others have said on this forum however, with TXC there is no keyed ignition so can't follow steps. I have kleihn set up

Thanks for the suggestions. If you come up with a TPS reset let me know. If I come up with any cool stuff I'll do the same. Mike

UPDATE:  Turned brasss throttle body screw in all the way then out 2-1/4 turns out. Bike ran great as it warmed up to operating temp of about 198 degrees I noticed it was trying to stall a bit so I turned screw out 1/8 turn more (not 1/8 inch but, 1/8 turn) and now it runs great.


I have attched an awesome PC V map for 2011 TXC 511 with FMF Mega Bomb and FMF factory racing RCT 4.1.  This is a very nice powerband map that will not make your bike too lean but will rip when you twist the throttle.  Crap my map file is on my other laptop will attach it later. Mike

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