Need Opinions please

I've searched I've read and I've gone back and forth about this but I need some more help. I'm going to offer the guy 1800 but the question is is this bike worth it? crf450s go for crazy money in my area so I know its not as cheap as some mag get them but just want some honest advice here.

Looks like ad is gone...

The bike looks pretty good in the photos but unless there was an hour meter on it you'll never really know how much time it has.  Since the ad says it was serviced recently you could contact the shop and ask them about it too. Hopefully their opinion would be neutral.  Obviously you'll have to look at it and see it start, run etc.

I got to the guys house to check it out he didn't post that it has full Dr.d exhaust and a carbon fiber skit plate! Ran great he had all receipts of the work done and picked it up for $1900. Prety excited it is super clean in person and runs awesome

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