Trouble - No Spark WR250 f

Hi everyone.


I have just brought a 2002 Yamaha wr250f


I did buy it as a non runner, there is no spark.


I have just brought a new spark plug, disconnected the kill switch.


Traced some of the wires, cleaned, and inspected.


I am a bit stuck now. Need some advice on what to do next?


Mine is just the kick start model, no battery.


Some of the wiring on the bike is a bit rough.


I am guessing I should inspect the coil, I have had a quick look.


Apparantly the guy I brought it of, just said he stalled it at a junction and it wouldn't start.


Any help would be very much appreciated.


I have search the other threads, and have tried some of the tips from there....

Bit lonely in here.....

The 02 would loosen the flywheel rivits, so start there, hope its not loose on the flange, then work back thru the stator and wiring from there...............get a wiring diagram and shop manual.  Or download the manual.

I've had two different stators fail on a 01 WR250F and 02 YZ250F. Agree, download the wiring diagram and ohm out the connection.

Grab a multimeter and test the stator and h/t coils, that would be the easiest way and if they're in spec then you know to start looking at wiring or worst case scenario a cooked CDI

Thanks for all the suggestions.


It was the flywheel and magneto totally in pieces.... most of the magneto stuck to the engine. also the strainer done its job, and stopped anything going to the cylinder.


All fixed now, £300 lighter though

Anyone done a valve clearance ? I am thinking of doing mine myself, and wanted to know how hard/easy it is?

Valve shim was the first thing I did when I got my 03.  Not hard but detail oriented.  You'll need a skinny set of feeler gauges.  Don't know why my font is so small.

Anyone done a valve clearance ? I am thinking of doing mine myself, and wanted to know how hard/easy it is?


Yep, easy to do if you have tools, knowhow, manual, and a little time.  Oh yeah, and a selection of shims is nice to have too.

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