93 XR650L Turnsignals

I have a 93 XR650L that I put new LED turn signals on after tearing old ones off. Since installing them when I put signals on they all flash and the Turn indicator on the light bar does not light up. I matched the wires up the same as they were and have a LED blinker relay on it. When I first put on they worked I think.   Thank you to anyone who has Ideas. KC Sower

You just need an Electronic flasher relelay, the original flasher relays won't work with LED's.  You can get them for $10-20 at the store or online.

I have a new led flasher

They flash its just all 4 at once.

As i recall i think the indicator light bulb has to be disconnected. and/or a diode kit could be installed for the indicator.



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When I was installing them the indicator worked and each side separately

So after the install, they worked properly for a little while and then failed to flash independently? Out of the blue?

I think so haven't road since install. With seat off they were working it was late and I wire tied the wires up and buttoned it up. A week later I was showing someone them and all 4 flashing.

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