2006 yz450f blow up at idle case repairs

So at idle my bike blew up, luckily I didn't hurt anyone or myself going fast. I split the cases and I'll post picks I'm HOPING this damage can be fixed has anyone seen something like this repaired?



A better look.


Ok thanks I'll see what they say

I would be surprised if you could get that repaired correctly for less then the cost of a set of new/ used cases . There is a lot of damage and those surfaces need to be flat to seal the oil chamber.

That's what I thought also. I just have no experience with machint shops so I want to confirm this isn't something they can do...I found the right side for 229.00. I read on here not to mis match them. I can't imagine how they would get the cases to seal around the oil chamber but I wanna make sure before I go spending 700 plus on crank cases etc. Part of me wants to try parting this bike to get my money out but anyhow, I'm gonna check a local machine shop, this suggestions posted above and milliennum technologies or their suggestions possibly

Hey check your in box   forgot number

I sent it

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